About us BTP research (before Telerobot CommS) is quite a young company; it was created in 2008 with the joint  venture of Telerobot and Leading engineering. We put together 20 years of expertise in electronic design  and 20 years of activity as a private engineering company: with all these years on our backs we founded a  new young company !  In October 2011 we changed our name in BTP research to better focalize the team in electronic and  integrate it to BTP Tecno. Our background:  Telerobot: as you can see in the Telerobot web site the excellence of the group is increasing every week  with new company acquisitions focalized on automation, mechatronics and  biomedical. The group is one of the most innovative and growing european  companies; this during  quite a critical business  period.  Leading engineering: it was founded by some friends coming from a long  experience in the Marconi telecom company. They have tried to bring into  the company the passion and pride of their history to lead the future. They  have brought into the new company their experience and their values:  o Reliability  o Technology Leadership o Daring and Achieving This to achieve the vision to become:  “inspiring partners for finding solutions”  © 2011-2014  BTP research All rights reserved PRIVACY LOG IN                     THE COMPANY OUR SERVICES OUR GROUP
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