RF Design RF and wireless design is based upon the integration of digital circuitry  sections realized in internally developed FPGA with analog and digital  off-the-shelf integrated devices. The knowledge acquired by BTP  research covers the following application fields:   A/D and D/A conversions for employment within modulation and  demodulation subsystems  related to digital radio  receivers and transmitters for  both base band sampling and IF  undersampling;  implementation of the most used digital modulation techniques (M-  PSK, M-QAM, ecc.) including aspects related to carrier recovery  (coherent demodulation) and symbol syncronization (Costas loop,  Gardner Algorithm, ecc.);  frequency synthesis by means of PLLs or DDSs, mostly implemented  by means of off-the-shelf integrated devices;  design, prototype realization and test validation of IF sections, frequency up/down converters and RF  Front-Ends up to 3GHz. (extension to upper frequencies is realized by the usage of subsystems supplied  by external vendors);  implementation of Spread Spectrum technology both DSSS (Direct Sequence) and FHSS (Frequency  Hopping). © 2011-2014  BTP research All rights reserved PRIVACY LOG IN “inspiring partners             for  finding solutions”                     THE COMPANY OUR SERVICES OUR GROUP Power Our capability RF design OUR SERVICES  IP Solutions FW/SW Hardware design FPGA design  DISCLAIMER EMAIL FROM/TO