Power Design The power electronic design capability from BTP research covers both power supply and motor control  applications.  As far as power supply is concerned, BTP research is able to  provide DC/DC and AC/DC solutions. Its expertise ranges from  not-isolated application in the most common Buck, Boost, SEPIC  topologies, to the isolated applications belonging to the  popular Flyback and Forward  topologies, but even covering  the latest ZVS topologies as the  Full-Bridge Phase-Shift for high  power high efficiency demands. The design of PFC circuit section  is also covered for the optimization of connection to the 110/230V mains.  As regarding motor control BTP research is focused on the realization of  speed/position actuators with the employment of both Stepping Motor and DC  Brushed Motors. Moreover speed control is extended from low power BLDC  motors up to the Vector Control for high power AC-Induction motor  applications.     © 2011-2014  BTP research All rights reserved PRIVACY LOG IN “inspiring partners             for  finding solutions”                     THE COMPANY OUR SERVICES OUR GROUP Power Our capability RF design OUR SERVICES  IP Solutions FW/SW Hardware design FPGA design  DISCLAIMER EMAIL FROM/TO