Our Capability  BTP research offers services of engineering and manufacturing to support  industrial innovation and product competitiveness. The distinctive element of  BTP research is the ability to considering the complete engineering and  productive processes as a whole,  even if only a single segment of the  design is required.  We support our customers from the idea or concept to the final  product and its production. The excellence of our services and  products lies in the creation of systems and projects entirely  customized in a total quality approach. BTP research exploits  qualified human resources, methods, technological culture and tools  to candidate itself as a strategic partner in providing turnkey  solutions and complex systems in different specific markets.   BTP research provides customers its experience and skills in electronic and mechanical design related to  many industrial fields: ranging from several existing variants of telecom applications, including the Defence  industry, to many other branches of the electronic industry as Automotive, Biomedic and Automation.   The BTP research team has more than twenty years of experience in electronic design both for Hardware  (PBA and FPGA/Asic) and Software/Firmware. Project management, Cost analysis and Quality control are  constantly applied during the development process.   System level background expertise, as well as manufacturing knowledge, are now available to customers or  partners who are looking for consolidated know how, experience and commitment to achieve the target  results.  © 2011-2014  BTP research All rights reserved PRIVACY LOG IN “inspiring partners             for  finding solutions” Power Our capability RF design OUR SERVICES  IP Solutions                     THE COMPANY OUR SERVICES OUR GROUP FW/SW Hardware design FPGA design  DISCLAIMER EMAIL FROM/TO